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In Memory of Noah

Noah…you will always be loved and remembered!

God bless your parents!

May 18, 2011 – April 17, 2012

My Promises To You

A while back I came across this…

The Promise Of A Doula

~ provided by Belly Belly

1. You cannot hurt my feelings in labour!
2. I won’t lie to you in labour!
3. I will do everything in my power so you do not suffer!
4. I will help you to feel safe!
5. I cannot speak for you; but I will make sure that you have a voice and I will make sure you are heard!

I just love this and have ever since adopted it as my own promises
                                         to you……my client!
I also wish to add that when I am with you and I am working with the medical staff…….
I am not working for your care provider and I am not working for the hospital……
I am working for you!

Labor and Birth in Animation

One of the best animations I have seen! Notice the position of the baby in relation to Mom’s body.

Well done Baby Center! Thank you!

And check out their other video’s, too!

She is a doula!

I have not been able to track down the source of this picture…but I do know all doulas are appreciative of the sentiment. So…thank you, whoever and wherever you are!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

Giving Birth by Suzanne Arms

This is a beautiful film about the beauty of giving birth!!!

A must see!!!

Please click on above title to see video.



A friend recently took this of me as I was preparing to meet a couple for the birth of their baby.

It just tickles me!

I have labeled it “I AM DOULA!” Kind of like I am woman, I am capable, I am strong.

I hope that is what my mamas see reflected back to themselves.

I can do this! It is not going to be easy but… I am woman, I am strong, I am capable,  and I CAN DO THIS!