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What Is Really Being Said When Talking With Your Care Provider?

You know the old saying……

Why do you suppose you have two ears and but one mouth?


Using your ears really applies to when you are speaking with your care provider. First, use your mouth to ask your question. But then use your ears to hear the answer. Listen to the words s/he uses. And then, use your mouth again to restate what was just said. Get any clarification you may need. This is also true with all medical personnel, such as hospital/birth center staff.

For example, if you say you want to labor in water, your care provider may say “Sure you can labor in water, you can use the tub.” What is really being said? You can labor in a birth tub or birth pool? Or is s/he saying you can labor in a bathtub while you are still at home? You might want to clarify the definition of laboring in water and tub.

Another example, you ask if the medication is going to hurt your baby. The health professional responds “No, we never would give anything to you that would harm your baby.” What is really bring said? That the medication will have no impact, at all, on your baby ? Or that the medication will not harm/hurt your baby,now or later. Perhaps what you really want to know is if the medication will effect, have any impact, on your baby, now or later.

See what I mean? Be sure of what you are hearing. If there is any doubt in your mind, at all, ask again for further clarification. It often helps to restate what you have heard and ask if that is what is meant. If your care provider becomes impatient with you, or even avoids direct answers… you want to reconsider your choice of care providers?

Use your two ears to really hear the words. Use your mouth to ask questions and to clarify.

Holiday Babies

There is no need to rush the birth of your baby just because it is the holiday season!

Trust your body,

trust your baby…

they will let you know when it is time!