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Stormy Weather

Looks as if we have bad weather heading our way.map_specnews03_ltst_4namus_enus_320x180

If you are very, very pregnant, please keep in mind that a strong low pressure system, a rapid drop in barometric pressure, could cause your bag of waters to rupture prematurely.

A sudden, big drop of temperature can be an indication that this is happening. You may see this in your weather forecast and so you know it may be a possibility.

I always suggest to my clients that if they feel some “twinges” get into a tub of warm water (unless lightening is a danger). Hopefully the water will equalize the pressure.

At very least, drink lots of water and lie down on right side.

And then…take a deep breathe and relax. It will be what it will be.

Do these things work??? Who am I to know. But they can’t hurt!



Some Suggestions for you…

Before going to the hospital…chyk
Write down all medications/vitamins/herbs you may be taking.
Write down pharmacy you use with address
Write down name of pediatrician and/or practice.
Write down all surgeries with dates.

When labor has begun…
481874_457720484278431_807533181_nNote the time when your contractions started to become somewhat regular.
Note the time when your water broke.
Note last time ate and drank.
Note time of last bowl movement.

You are going to be asked all of these things, more than once. If you write them down, you don’t have to search your memory while dealing with contractions and your partner can even answer for you.