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A Wise Man’s Mother’s Day Choices

What does a wise man give to his pregnant wife for Mother’s Day???

Flowers? Candy? Too predictable! Baby gear? NO WAY!!!imaaaassges

How about something really special for this important time in her life………

Prenatal Massage

An intimate prenatal photography session

Belly Cast painted by an artist

Professional belly or body painting

A beautiful gown for her labor (but expect it to be thrown away later)

A Birth Doula …that would be me! (*;*)

A Postpartum Doula

Aromatherapy session

Prenatal Yoga classes

Belly Dancing lessons…with all the trappings

Belly Henna

Essential Oils session


Okay….now that I have you thinking outside of the box,  please share your creative ideas at


Oh…and if you need help finding these gifts…just get in touch!


The Look of a Goddess

“If a woman doesn’t look like a goddess during labor,

then someone isn’t treating her right.”

               ~ ina may gaskin