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Improving Birth…Yes She Did!

This is mom’s second birth experience.<




Her first was a beautiful landbirth at Women’s Hospital,of Greensboro, with the aid of an epidural. <Beautiful baby and the sweetest little guy!



For her second childbirth experience, she chose to have a midwife, Tanya Bailey, attend at the same hospital so that she might have a waterbirth. And that she did!

In her own words…..

“No meds at all but we did a water birth at our hospital. Loved it. Got to the hospital at 11 and had him less than 3 hours later. My transition/ most intense stage was 11 minutes! Wonderful! The water was great!!! I was ready to leave and go home right then..for real!”

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Dear Mommas-in-Waiting

I want you to know something. 10790057-black-silhouette-of-pregnant-woman

No…not just know. I want you to feel something.

I want you to believe, deep down inside yourself……

  You are so much stronger

       than you ever imagined!!!

Please…believe this!!!

with great warmth, Kenny