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How do you envision your baby’s first two hours of life?


Will it be peaceful and soothing? Maybe soft lighting, soft sounds, soft touches, and familiar smells that remind baby of where he has been? Will your baby lie safely and peacefully on your chest, staying warm with your body heat, regulating his heart beat with yours, gazing into your eyes, searching for his nourishment? Will it be a gentle welcome after such hard work to be born and then quickly adjust to this world of gravity and air?


Or will it be bright with fluorescent lights, loud voices with lots of people talking to vitamin K shotyou, to your baby, to each other, and too many people wanting to lay their hands on your baby, or even rub your baby down with a rough terry cloth towel.

Can you imagine after having been floating in warm water for all of your existence to only suddenly being roughly rubbed with stiff terry cloth??? Do you think that might feel like sandpaper?

And what of the ointment that goes into the newly used eyes that only caught a glimpse of the world? Need I even mention the prick of a needle?

How do you envision your baby’s first two hours of life? Consider this all important time. Then consider writing down what you envision so that after you describe it to your nurse and care provider, they have your vision and wishes in words to remind them.

How do you envision your baby’s first two hours of life?

When mom smokes marijuana, is her baby flying high?


What do you think about smoking marijuana while pregnant?

How about while breast feeding?


There are many experts who believe this is harmful in many different ways. Some site low birth weight, poor physical  development, impaired nervous system development, problems with short term memory, concentration and judgement, and the list continues. But there seems to be no conclusive evidence or studies at this time.


However, this much is a fact……when a mother smokes marijuana,

THC WILL show up in her lab work


If mom is smoking weed and feeling high because of this THC,

then isn’t her baby feeling high, too???

THC does mess with the brain…we all know that. But do you want it messing with your baby’s brain?

THC crosses the placenta to the unborn child.

THC crosses to breast milk to the nursing baby.

And here is another fact…

if THC is discovered in the lab work of mother and baby at Women’s Hospital of Greensboro, NC,

Child Protection Services of the Department of Social Services


So what do you think? Is it worth it???

You just may be harming your child!!!

The Look of Love







No love could ever be stronger!



No love could ever be purer!







No love could ever last longer!









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Triad Birth Doula


It Is Never Too Early

The staff at writes:

“Jonathan’s playing with his tiny daughter. He touches her foot. She kicks his hand away, smiles and waits. Nothing unusual until you learn his baby won’t even be born for a couple of more months. Parents have known for a long time that their babies in the womb respond to the world around them. Now experts agree that your baby is alert, playing and learning every day.”

How are you playing and interacting with your unborn child? What does your baby like and dislike? What kind of music do you share? Does your baby prefer warmth or coolness?

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