The Squat Bar

The squat bar can be an awesome tool to use when you are pushing your baby into this world. But it can be very confusing as to how to use it…and feel strange. I will try to give you a feel for it with the pictures and comments below. Unfortunately, it is rare to have an opportunity to actually practice with a bar.

3cbd034e9e27cd1efe410ff6801cc37b.wix_mp_1024 This is how the bar and the bed are positioned. You sit right on edge of raised portion until a contraction comes. Then with a contraction, you squat so your bottom is not touching bed, and you push.

khkhjymjjkujPushing like this at first can feel a little insecure because all of your weight is on that lowered portion of the bed. It will help you to know that your support person is right there with you.
It may also help to have entire bed lower to the ground so you do not feel like you might fall off a cliff.

hNote how the bar is tilted towards the foot of the bed and all of your weight is on lowered portion.



Between contractions, you can try to rest the weight of your body back onto the higher portion of the bed.


index (2)Then, with a contraction go into a deep squat, supporting yourself with the bar.

squatting bar on hospital bedRemember, your support people are right there for you and will help steady you. And having the entire bed lower to the floor will also help you to feel more secure in this position. Everyone else will accommodate your position.

a4128bd43637fbfa63d5aa40946a1e19.wix_mp_1024This is an awesome way to use the squat bar and “tug-of-war” position. Please note how she is not on her bottom; how she is really in a squat but on her side. Very useful with an epidural. “Tug-of-war” position is usually used for pushing; not labor.

maxresdefaultI’m not sure about this kind of position because while it simulates a squat, it leaves her sitting on her butt. It does, however, allow for that “tug-of-war” position.

fThis position allows you to be asymmetrical while being able to take some weight off of the lower body by leaning on the bar. If possible, spread your legs as wide as you can.


Most of these positions can also be good for labor. It is considered best to use the bar for a deep squat during a contraction. Sit back and rest in between. You want to be sure that when you are in that deep squat, you are NOT PUSHING until your cervix is ready.

If your hospital does not have squat bars…start asking for them. This is how change can occur!

Dear Mommas-in-Waiting

I want you to know something. 10790057-black-silhouette-of-pregnant-woman

No…not just know. I want you to feel something.

I want you to believe, deep down inside yourself……

  You are so much stronger

       than you ever imagined!!!

Please…believe this!!!

with great warmth, Kenny

Holiday Babies

There is no need to rush the birth of your baby just because it is the holiday season!

Trust your body,

trust your baby…

they will let you know when it is time!


The Pure Emotion of Birth!

When a woman gives birth……..
            When her partner is witness………
                        There is just pure, raw emotion……….
                                  Do you see it? Can you feel it?
Congratulations Mom & Dad! And thank you for sharing your pure emotion!!!

Baby Belly Bazaar

The Creative Center and Piedmont Area Doula Association will host a  

FREE Baby Belly celebration

on Sat, Nov 10th from 10am-2pm.

Expectant moms interested in expanding their artistic and healthy prenatal experience are invited to a day of belly painting, belly casting and belly dancing.

Prenatal massage, acupuncture and the use of herbs will be showcased in

The Gallery at 900 16th Street

Greensboro, NC

Herbal teas and a healthy lunch will be available for purchase.

Pamper yourself and hear about education styles, lactation support and the most up to date research on birthing techniques.

This event is sponsored by Women’s Hospital and All About Baby Boutique.

For more info, contact 336- 312-4678.


Giving Birth by Suzanne Arms

This is a beautiful film about the beauty of giving birth!!!

A must see!!!

Please click on above title to see video.


Your Own Unigue Birth Experience

My friend, and sister birth doula, Tequita, posted this quote. I find it so beautiful that I just had to share…

“There is no single, ideal birth.
There is instead the birth you  have,
the experience that is uniquely yours.
With the support of friends who are sensitive to your needs, quick to respond to your wishes, who are emotionally nurturing and who above all believe in you and your ability to give birth, childbirth can be an adventure in physical sensation and intense emotion, a journey of discovery of your own inner power that is exhilarating, sensuous and satisfying.”
Sheila Kitzinger ; Speaker, Author, Birth Advocate

“One World Birth” is here!!!

What do you think about this amazing film?

What do you think about this amazing movement?

Do you agree…

“…if we get birth right, we’ll get the world right.” ~Soo Downe

Take a look …check it out…what do you think???

One World Birth

For more information, go to

To Epidural or not…….

Are you planning on having an epidural? If so, that is certainly your choice…but have you considered all of the effects, and not just for yourself, but for your baby, too? I mean really considered???

If you tell me yes to these questions, then I say go for it.

But what are you going to do until you care provider allows for the epidural to be administered? How are you going to handle your labor until that point? An epidural is usually not given until you are well into active labor, about 5 centimeters.

And what if, as happens so often, you have “break through” pain? Do you know what you will do then?

And don’t forget about the 2nd stage…pushing.

My point…….an epidural does not take away the need for education, coping tools, and the need for a birth doula!

Please…..what are your thoughts????

Kenny…..Triad Birth Doula