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male-teenagersI suppose this is something that we all know that we should do but here are reasons from women like you…


Shared from a Triad Birth Doula Facebook post on October 7 & 8, 2016:

Yesterday I posted an article from CBS, “Dad says hospital charged $39 to hold newborn baby”, and a mama shared something VERY IMPORTANT!!!

Mama: Just FYI for patients at women’s. I asked for an itemized bill, and they charged me for numerous things I declined. Eye drops, sugar drops, numerous visits with lactation that didn’t actually occur. When I called they said “oh you must be self pay. Pat…See More

Triad Birth Doula: Are you kidding me??? May I make separate post of this?

Mama: Of course, and no I’m not kidding. The only reason I asked for an itemized statement, was because when I declined the sugar drops, the nurse went ahead and scanned them anyways. Didn’t even open them. I wanted to check on that. That’s when I saw the eye drops, that were not given, and all the lactation visits.

Triad Birth Doula: Thank you! Women need to know this! What are the sugar drops? Haven’t heard of that.

Mama: When they draw blood, for the blood test kit they give it to babies as a distraction. Just a couple drops of sugar water, no big deal. I don’t know the proper term. In my survey I included a whole letter, about all this, plus I called and spoke with an administrator, (who made the statement above) also told me the lactation charges are automatically billed. So basically, if they walk in your room, you are billed $50, even if you say no thank you and they leave and do nothing. It’s not about the money, But to get a bill, and see $250 worth of charges that I declined and did not receive is disgusting. After this experience, I request an itemized bill for everything!!

Triad Birth Doula: Wow! Again…thank you for sharing!!!

2nd Mama: This happened to me as well. I had to ask for an itemized bill for my AFLAC plan, and when I saw a few things and was curious, I started googling things. Discovered I was charged for at least $300 worth of supplies/services that weren’t used. They charged for a standard IV as well as a Pitocin IV which I specifically declined both. They charged a lot of random things for the baby as well – like a nebulizer that she didn’t use/need at all.
I asked my friend who is an L&D charge nurse, and she said they scan things that are checked in to the room as a precaution. But that they also have to chart everything that happens to and is given to the patient, so if you disputed it, they would be able to take it off the bill because they’ll see it’s not in the actual chart/files.
I’m with (1st Mama) – will always ask for itemized bills from now on!!

Triad Birth Doula: Exactly!!! May I share your comment?

2nd Mama: Yes – anything to help make this stop.

If this has happened to you, please share your story on




YOU must make it happen!

When you give birth, you can have a quiet, peaceful, private environment…even in the hospital but YOU must make this happen.

It will be YOUR responsibility to share your wishes with your care provider.
It will be YOUR responsibility to share with the hospital staff that this is what you want.
YOU will need to tell them that you want dim lights, soft voices, minimum interruptions, no spectators (students/trainees).

You can accomplish this by discussing this with your care provider, by including it in your Birth Plan/Wishes, by telling the staff when you first arrive, by reminding your care provider, and by having your partner remind everyone as needed as labor progresses.

The environment you establish can be very important to your, and your baby’s, experience.
But YOU must make it happen.


We believe that women should be treated with kindness and respect in childbirth !
We believe that bullying and coercion have no place in healthcare!
We believe that dignity and compassion are not too much to ask for pregnant women!




When I’m having a contraction…please do not ask me a question!



                                                              Dr. Michael Odent has said…..

“Silence is a basic need for a woman in labor. Privacy is another basic need.”

When I’m having a contraction…please do not tell me what I’m doing wrong!



When I’m having a contraction…please do not fuss at me!

                                                                                            ” The support a woman receives in labor and birth makes the difference between empowerment and trauma.” ~Mrs. BWF<                                                                                             

When I’m in labor…please respect my choices!

It is just respect, something that every human being should extend to others. And imagine what if we all did respect each other. Imagine the possibilities, beginning with birth.

It really is not that difficult. The Midwives and Nurses in these pictures gave these women and men respect…right here at Women’s Hospital of Greensboro, NC.<

Why can’t this happen everywhere??? It just is not that difficult!!! Respect!!!



When I’m in labor…please enter quietly, peacefully, lovingly…and respectfully!

When Is It Time To Go To The Hospital?

A very common, and understandable, question…”When should I go to the hospital?”

I have heard some doctors say when contractions are every 5 minutes. I have also heard the 4-1-1 or 3-1-1 guideline. This means contractions are coming every four (or three) minutes, lasting one minute , for one hour.  And then some doctors have said go anytime…if you are not in labor, they will send you back home.

The best answer I have heard is one a midwife gave…”When home no longer feels like home.” I might add,  listen to your body and do what your instinct tells you to do. And if you are sent home, there is no shame attached!

These are three of my favorite doulas, “60 Second Doulas”. Click on the title above and listen to what they have to say…..