Bag of Waters

Stormy Weather

Looks as if we have bad weather heading our way.map_specnews03_ltst_4namus_enus_320x180

If you are very, very pregnant, please keep in mind that a strong low pressure system, a rapid drop in barometric pressure, could cause your bag of waters to rupture prematurely.

A sudden, big drop of temperature can be an indication that this is happening. You may see this in your weather forecast and so you know it may be a possibility.

I always suggest to my clients that if they feel some “twinges” get into a tub of warm water (unless lightening is a danger). Hopefully the water will equalize the pressure.

At very least, drink lots of water and lie down on right side.

And then…take a deep breathe and relax. It will be what it will be.

Do these things work??? Who am I to know. But they can’t hurt!