Happy Holidays!

May you and your family

have a most wonderful

holiday season!!!

Hugs!!!  Kenny

To Epidural or Not…

Are you planning on having an epidural? iStock_000008463436XSmallIf so, that is certainly your choice…but have you considered all of the effects, and not just for yourself, but for your baby, too? I mean really considered???

If you tell me yes to these questions, then I say go for it!

But what are you going to do until the anesthesiologist administers it? How are you going to handle your labor until that point? An epidural is usually not given until you are well into active labor, about 5 centimeters. Heck, these days you are often not even admitted to the hospital until you are about 5 centimeters.

And what if, as happens so often, you have “break through” pain? Do you know what you will do then?

And don’t forget about the 2nd stage…pushing.

My point…….an epidural does not take away the need for education, coping tools, and the need for a birth doula!


Baby Belly Bazaar and Art



A Waterbirth…

…Just that simple, just that beautiful!



Congratulations, Mom & Dad!






How do you envision your baby’s first two hours of life?


Will it be peaceful and soothing? Maybe soft lighting, soft sounds, soft touches, and familiar smells that remind baby of where he has been? Will your baby lie safely and peacefully on your chest, staying warm with your body heat, regulating his heart beat with yours, gazing into your eyes, searching for his nourishment? Will it be a gentle welcome after such hard work to be born and then quickly adjust to this world of gravity and air?


Or will it be bright with fluorescent lights, loud voices with lots of people talking to vitamin K shotyou, to your baby, to each other, and too many people wanting to lay their hands on your baby, or even rub your baby down with a rough terry cloth towel.

Can you imagine after having been floating in warm water for all of your existence to only suddenly being roughly rubbed with stiff terry cloth??? Do you think that might feel like sandpaper?

And what of the ointment that goes into the newly used eyes that only caught a glimpse of the world? Need I even mention the prick of a needle?

How do you envision your baby’s first two hours of life? Consider this all important time. Then consider writing down what you envision so that after you describe it to your nurse and care provider, they have your vision and wishes in words to remind them.

How do you envision your baby’s first two hours of life?


I am often asked

What kind of positions can I use, should I use, when I am in the birth pool?

My response

Listen to what your body tells you.

Then I say

If your midwife or I see that your progress has slowed or if you have been in one position too long, a new position will be suggested.

But then I am asked

But what kind of positions? What do they look like?

So here you are

With the assistance of my beautiful model, Amelya, we are suggesting some positions you might want to try in the birth pool. Most important…stay opened and relaxed!

(This is a slideshow. If you wish it to go faster, click on picture.)



The Pure Emotion of Birth!

When a woman gives birth……..
            When her partner is witness………
                        There is just pure, raw emotion……….
                                  Do you see it? Can you feel it?
Congratulations Mom & Dad! And thank you for sharing your pure emotion!!!


I am so very thankful for the families who allow me to be a part of such an intimate and beautiful time!                                                                                             

My Thankfulness for Midwives

I am so thankful for the opportunity of being with some amazing midwives this year!