ARE you totally comfortable talking with your care provider? Asking all those  questions you might be too embarrassed to ask someone else?

DOES this person give you the time to talk about whatever you want to talk about?


DOES your care provider validate your concerns? Make you feel like your question is the most single important question?


DOES s/he allow you to feel like an intelligent and caring parent to be?


DO you leave the office feeling like an adult who is worthy of this professional’s time? Do you leave feeling no shame?



If you answer NO to ANY of these questions……

it may be time to find yourself a different care provider!!!!


And it is never too late in your pregnancy to do so!!!

What we (and it isn’t just us women) tend to forget in the presence of    medical persons is that WE ARE THE CUSTOMER!!!! This is true of facilities, too.

This does not mean that we have the right to be rude and/or arrogant. But it does mean that we have the right to feel comfortable, to have the respect of the medical person, and to be given the time to address the topics that are important to us.

You are sharing probably the most important, and intimate, time/event   of your life. You have every right to feel good about whom you are sharing this with. Baby professionals should feel honored that you have chosen them for this time. I know I do in my capacity!

And after all…… are the one paying this person’s salary!!!

Without you…they will not be in business!!!