Baby Belly Bazaar March 2015

bbb 4x6 card front (2)It is almost time for the Baby Belly Bazaar and the excitement is growing!!!

Fifty vendors are expected and several talented artists are prepared to decorate your baby belly!

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Our sponsors alone indicate what a wide range of information, education and fun that will be available to you!

And there are many more vendors!

Don’t miss this exciting event that is just for you and your baby!!!

Saturday; March 21st; 11am-3pm;  Greensboro Cultural Center

The Latch On Song

In honor of my friend, who has left us all too soon, and in honor of her passion to promote breastfeeding…

Janna Melsness; CNM, MSN, MPH, RN, BSN

January 28, 1981 – April 5, 2015

Baby Belly Bazaar March 29, 2014




   March 29, 2014; 11 am – 3 pm;

        Greensboro Cultural Center





 November, 2013


Dress For Success…..Say What?????

Dress for success? Really? pregnant-business-woman

This is a website about pregnancy and babies…not job advancement or interviews!!!

Yes! Really!

The following is from an article originally presented by VBAC Facts at

This reads like the old “Dress For Success” books. Go ahead. Take a look…

And it does not just apply to VBACs but really any medical situation.

Want a VBAC? Ask your care provider these questions.

“Go to your consultations like you would a job interview.  You are not hanging out with your girlfriends.  You want the care provider to perceive you as an intelligent, thorough, and reasonable woman who has done her homework, collected all the info, and would really appreciate the opportunity to VBAC/VBAMC.  Trust is fundamental here and flows both ways. If you can make a human connection with the care provider, then all the better.  Humor is an excellent way to do this.

  • Wear your most professional looking clothes.
  • Get a babysitter for your younger kids if possible so you are not distracted.
  • Bring your medical records and operative reports from your prior cesarean(s).
  • Read, be familiar with, and bring a copy of the 2010 ACOG VBAC guidelines.
  • Google the care provider, their practice, and the hospital/birth center and note any special awards or recognition they have received.  Bring this up in a complimentary way during your appointment.

Remember, a lot of care providers are concerned about being sued, so they are sizing you up as much as you are them. They want to know that you understand the risks and benefits of your options and that you have realistic expectations.  Be sure that you don’t repeat birth myths while speaking to them as that will reflect poorly on you.

Once you connect with them on a human level, and they see that you are an educated, rationale, and reasonable woman, then you can determine how willing they are to negotiate on some of their terms (if necessary.)  For example, if they require moms to stay in bed during the entire labor, ask if their hospital offers telemetry units (wireless fetal monitoring).  Some hospitals even have them in a tube top so they don’t move around as much and are less noticeable to moms.

It’s very important to not come across as angry or argumentative, because that decreases the likelihood that they will attend you.  Express your frustration, anger, and pain with support groups online.”


Here’s the sad part…I think this is true in most cases. If you wish to own your birth experience when having a doctor and a conservative birthing site, I think this is true all too often.

I hate like anything to say this, but there it is.


When dealing with those care providers who “dress for success” in their business clothes and white lab coats and then introduce themselves as Dr. So-and-So but address you by your first name…….. well, they are probably going to respond to you as more of an equal rather than as an over tired, uncomfortable momma-in-waiting; as more as an intelligent, educated human rather than as I’m-sacred-to-death-of-this-pregnancy-and-birth female….if you are more like them.

And that is why the entire concept of “Dress For Success” was so popular, and successful.


Does that make you feel comfortable? Is this how you wish to feel while2ab you are laboring? Do you think you should have to be dressed in a certain way, speak in a certain way, and act in a certain way…just to feel comfortable with the person you are paying to help your child enter the world?

If your answer is no….then perhaps you should do something about it.


I leave you, for now, with another quote…

“If visiting your care provider doesn’t make you feel encouraged and supported, you won’t have that in labor either. Period.”

                                                                                      ~ BirthHerWay



Baby Belly Bazaar and Art



Baby Belly Bazaar


Triad Birth Doula is proud to present a FREE eclectic celebration for expectant moms who are interested in expanding their artistic & healthy prenatal experience. Belly casting, belly painting and belly dancing will be showcased in the Greensboro Cultural Center (200 N. Davie St) from 10am to 2pm on Sat, Nov. 9th, 2013. Massage, yoga and aroma therapy will enhance the ambiance while herbal teas and healthy lunches will be available for purchase.


 Learn about the most up to date research pertaining to birthing techniques Transform your beautiful belly into a canvas and let us capture your photo for posterity. If you are ripe with artistic potential or feel the urge to be pampered, this is a day for you. Bring your girlfriends and celebrate your bountiful belly.


Your baby will get a kick out of it, too.


For more information, call 336 312-4678 or email

Dear Mommas-in-Waiting

I want you to know something. 10790057-black-silhouette-of-pregnant-woman

No…not just know. I want you to feel something.

I want you to believe, deep down inside yourself……

  You are so much stronger

       than you ever imagined!!!

Please…believe this!!!

with great warmth, Kenny

A Wise Man’s Mother’s Day Choices

What does a wise man give to his pregnant wife for Mother’s Day???

Flowers? Candy? Too predictable! Baby gear? NO WAY!!!imaaaassges

How about something really special for this important time in her life………

Prenatal Massage

An intimate prenatal photography session

Belly Cast painted by an artist

Professional belly or body painting

A beautiful gown for her labor (but expect it to be thrown away later)

A Birth Doula …that would be me! (*;*)

A Postpartum Doula

Aromatherapy session

Prenatal Yoga classes

Belly Dancing lessons…with all the trappings

Belly Henna

Essential Oils session


Okay….now that I have you thinking outside of the box,  please share your creative ideas at


Oh…and if you need help finding these gifts…just get in touch!


Bed Rest Survival Tips

Have you been placed on bed rest for a medical reason?

How are you spending your time?bedrest-300x200

We all know those reality TV shows about pregnancy/birth/babies are a waste of time. Friends and family are not always available to entertain you. Just how many times can you write your birth wishes???

Grace has been on bed rest for the past nine, yes, that’s NINE, weeks with a couple more to go!!!

She wrote to me the other day about how she has been able to maintain her sanity and we both thought it might be helpful to other pregnant women who are on bed rest, for whatever reason.

Hi Kenny!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

 Just want to let you know things that helped me during the whole bed rest season! (I am doing my 9th week!!)

 Journaling, putting your thoughts, hopes and feelings in words definitely helps expressing them in pen and paper

 Books on Bed Rest survival:

*Amy Sprenger- Baby bumps (This is a true story and written in a very comical way of her bed rest journey)

*Kelly Whitehead- High Risk Pregnancy- Why me (I enjoyed this book because there are so many amazing success real life stories, tips on what to do while on bed rest, and statistic on some condition on why pregnancy becomes high risk, and the best part is natural birth is possible with High Risk- the arthur herself had a natural birth after being on Bed Rest since 20 weeks)

 *Wanda Hale- Pregnancy Bedrest – A journey of Love ( I really love this book covers the emotional health and it is really about a journey of love, it encourages positive visualization, relaxation technique, practical breathing exercises, and practical physical exercises on bed rest, very spiritual, and covers post partum following bed rest with a newborn too)

 Of course, Josh mentioned the amazing forums online! I am on Bed Rest club in and there are groups on Facebook too, and the ladies( and some men) are amazing cheering you on, and knowing you are not alone in what feels like a lonely journey definitely is a boost!

 It’s all about keeping up with the positive!

 We don’t really have much physical help since I’ve been on bed rest, so we’ve learned to set our expectation low, since life doesn’t stop for everyone when you are put on bed rest. We learn to do without, and live simply to the fullest.

 Good Luck and I am cheering on for her!


If you would like to chat with Grace about this adventure of hers, her email

If you wish to share some of your tips, please send to

Thank you, Grace!!!


 If you are in the position to give a daughter, daughter-in-law, girlfriend, 35476_498439723552500_336163383_n 577252_498440090219130_1358449181_nniece, any pregnant woman who is in your life a gift…

                                give her the gift of a birth doula!

<I will create a special gift certificate that will explain the benefits of having a doula attend her birth, as well as what my services include.

I will even come in person to present your gift to her!


  Include the expense of my birth pool, or give separately!

You will find a listing of my services and fees, as well as my contact information, at